The world's most beautiful solar photovoltaic power station

There is no doubt that renewable energy is the future direction of energy development. Coal, oil and natural gas will run out one day, but the inexhaustible renewable energy.

With the popularity of the cost of solar power, solar power plants gradually decreased, maybe one day, our family will have a "roof photovoltaic roof bank"; go out will drive a solar powered car, passing through the solar road, arrived at the airport when the plane solar; even in the sky, looking down, see is beautiful the stunning beauty of the solar power station, like today to share these.

1. Disney photovoltaic power station

When Disney decided to build its own photovoltaic power plant, can you imagine what it looks like? In the air, photovoltaic power plant is a huge Mickey!

Power station is located in the United States near California, Florida Walt Disney parks, by Duke energy construction, covers an area of 22 acres (90 thousand square meters), contains approximately 48000 solar panels, the size of about 5MW. All of the solar panels are lined with Disney iconic Mickey Mouse shapes. The photovoltaic power plant began operation in March 2016, to provide power for the Walt Disney world.

2.United States crescent dune thermal power station

Crescent dune power plant is the world's first 100 MW molten salt tower thermal power plant, built in December 2014 in Nevada, USA. The size of the power plant 110MW, with 10 hours of heat storage system, can meet the needs of the electricity consumption of 750 million families. It has 10347 tracking mirror, for tracking and reflecting sunlight.

Although it looks impressive, modern and spectacular, it produces as much controversy. It is said that when the test run in February 2015 to release the heat directly to the air in the 130 birds direct combustion evaporation. Fortunately, the researchers have managed to solve this terrible problem, in March 2015 the official operation of the power grid. However, at the end of 2016, took place the small size of the molten salt tank molten salt leakage accident of the power plant, which led to the temporary power outage。

But in any case, 100 MW power plant in the molten salt tower had no successful experience, so it appears in the construction and maintenance process of some problems is also normal, should be given adequate trial and error and accumulated experience, laid the foundation for the healthy development of the industry.

3.British Hendai power

You can imagine that this was just an abandoned coal mine In 2014, Conergy company built a Hendai photovoltaic power station in the UK, the Ramnik Valley on the top of the abandoned coal mine scale 13.5MW, contains 57408 solar panels, can meet the electricity needs of 2400 households, is expected to run for 35 years.

4.France Les Mées solar power station

In the most romantic country, has the most romantic artistic solar power station. La Colle des M in southern France es plateau, Les M es photovoltaic power station as a ribbon winding, winding in rolling hills. The scale of the power plant 100MW, covers an area of 200 hectares, consisting of 112000 solar panels, to meet the needs of the electricity consumption of 12000 households, has become the largest photovoltaic power plant in france.

Hydropower station is located at 800 meters above sea level, this is the most ideal French photovoltaic power plant location, not enough light, and the air cleanliness is very high, the generating capacity of the plant is higher than the average percent.

5.The heart of the new

The "heart shaped" solar power station may be the most beautiful solar power station in the world. Just because of the size of the heart can only be seen from the high sky.
On 2014, the station by the solar company Conergy in New Caledonia (French overseas territory) the largest island began building. Power plant covers an area of 40 thousand square meters, composed of 7888 solar panels, the total power generation capacity to meet the needs of the 750 families. Life expectancy is 25 years, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 2 million tons.
However, it is a pity that, although it has been reported that the plant should be completed in 2015, but for a long time has not yet been further related reports. Maybe the project has been suspended for some reason, of course, we all hope that the heart of the plant can be successfully completed, to our earth to add the most beautiful scenery line.

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