What are the advantages of solar wall lamp use, where is it?

      Wall lamp, in everyone's life is usually can often see the lighting tool. Wall lamp because of its own advantages and become one of the lamps welcomed by everyone. Now, the market has been the emergence of solar lighting lamp. When it comes to solar energy, everyone is more familiar. But the solar lamp is not necessarily very understanding. Here, Xiaobian and take a look at the use of solar wall lamp, what are the main, it has what advantage?

What is the use of solar wall lamp:

      1, wall lamp can be installed in areas such as solar Park, road on both sides of the wall when using, provide the function of lighting for pedestrians.
      2, solar wall lamp can also be installed in traffic and port as the indicator, ensure traffic safety and order of the sea.
      3, often solar wall lamp installed in the crowded downtown or tourist attractions as decorative lighting, to create a certain atmosphere.
      4, used in orchards, plantations, lawn and other places of the solar wall lamp, lighting can effect and can play the effect of pesticides.

The advantage of solar wall lamp:
      1、We all know that the solar lamp uses solar energy, so solar lamp is no need of laying complex pipeline, and it is safe and energy-saving and non pollution.
      2、Solar wall lamp has the advantages of simple circuit structure, stable and reliable operation, strong practicability and a series of advantages.
      3、Solar energy lamp is compared to the energy saving and environmental protection. As we all know, solar energy is a clean renewable energy, it not only saves electricity, but also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.
      4、Reliable and durable compared to solar wall lamp. Solar wall lamp in the harsh environment and climate conditions, photovoltaic power system fault occurs rarely;
      5、The relatively low cost of solar wall lamp: the price of the product itself and for the first time in relation to the cost of solar wall lamp is higher than ordinary lamp cost. However, the total cost of solar wall lamp which occurs in the life cycle to be lower than the total cost of ordinary lamp. And the scale is relatively large.

      6、The safe and stable operation, low maintenance cost, ordinary wall was significantly higher than that of the solar wall lamp, and will increase with time and more and more high (electricity and labor). Solar wall lamp maintenance free, absolutely safe, no electric shock accident and to enhance its stability by changing the control mode.
      7、Solar wall lamp can achieve autonomous power supply: off grid solar wall lamp has the autonomy and flexibility of power supply.
After a small series of reports, some of the solar wall lamp everybody to understand whether have been deepened? Whether you are often in contact with solar energy, still did not contact the solar wall lamp. This should be understood as a way of using solar energy as a power supply.

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