Linquan County, Anhui Province in 2017 to implement the work of poverty alleviation program

The Township People's government, the office of the streets, Lin Lu Industrial Park Management Committee, the county government departments and affiliated institutions:
"In 2017 the county poverty alleviation plan", photovoltaic building "on the" Central Plains Ranch "to promote poverty alleviation work in the implementation of views", "on further improving the system of rural residents in 2017 and the poverty alleviation work plan", between "Linquan County 2017 employment poverty alleviation implementation opinions", "county poverty alleviation microfinance assessment program in 2017" has the county leading group for poverty alleviation and development agreement, is issued to you, please actual, conscientiously implement the.

Linquan poverty alleviation and Development Leading Group

February 15, 2017   

Linquan County in 2017 to implement the work of poverty alleviation program

To vigorously implement the steady increase in PV poverty, poor villages and poor households filing riser (hereinafter referred to as poor households, poor villages) income, to ensure that the "out of poverty, the village out of" goals on time, according to "guidance on the implementation of poverty alleviation" photovoltaic (Anhui, [2015] No. 34) the spirit of the document, combined with the actual county this plan is formulated.

1General requirements

Conscientiously implement the central, provincial and municipal strategic thinking on poverty alleviation and development in the new period, and vigorously promote the scientific and precise poverty, poverty alleviation, precise poverty, according to the provincial level, county, township overall supervision, unified planning and step-by-step implementation, policy support, market operation, unified standards, ensuring quality, and work together to promote the overall thinking oriented ", establish mechanisms to raise government subsidies, social assistance, financial support and other means of combination of funds, and vigorously promote the poor villages and poor households to carry out photovoltaic poverty alleviation, increase the collective economic income of poor villages and poor households in household income, accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation object, ensure to achieve a comprehensive well-off in 2020.

Basic principle

(a) government led, ecological environmental protection. The government is responsible for the poor industry photovoltaic power project organization and implementation of the work, adhere to the combination of the development of clean energy industry and on the basis of poverty alleviation, protecting the ecological environment in rural areas, poor households, poor villages to achieve steady income.
(two) open selection to determine the object. Actively promote the use of 5 kilowatts (or more) distributed photovoltaic power plant construction. In poor households, village and township public voluntary examination and approval at the county level principle, first ensure that the "three noes (no labor, no resources, no stable source of income for poor households)" the implementation of the project object.
Seriously carry out the construction of 210 kilowatts of distributed photovoltaic power station. In accordance with the procedures, determine the village power plant is not installed without collective economic income or collective economy is weak, poor villages lack of resources as the object in the index under the premise of surplus, in poor households filing riser, choose a family less labor, poor development of other industries and poor households for the implementation of the project object. Initially developed 300 village power stations, including poor village of 66.
(three) standardize the site selection, facilitate grid. The site should take full account of the urban and rural planning and construction, in violation of planning under the premise of land, in strict accordance with the construction conditions and requirements of the family selection and location, to ensure adequate light, after the completion of the project to achieve power generation benefit maximization, to ensure that the construction of photovoltaic power plants and planning without collision with the surrounding landscape, coordination, promote the use of the old the village, the old pond, wasteland and other construction. At the same time, in order to facilitate the rapid completion of photovoltaic power plants, the project site is located in the vicinity of the principle of 10KV or 380V line larger plots (30 acres / block or more).
(four) construction of a unified, centralized management. The household and village power plant project, according to the villages and towns (villages and households) reporting requirements, the county photovoltaic poverty alleviation project construction work leading group approval verification of construction scale, project implementation principle, unified finance, centralized, unified management, unified installation maintenance revenue settlement.

Implementation scope

(a) household power station: 2017 installed 7000 (total size of 35MW). In poor households filing riser in the screening of 7000 households with construction conditions of poor households, each household construction 5kW distributed photovoltaic power generation system, is expected to increase 4000 yuan per year.
(two) village power station: in 2017, the installation of 300 villages (including poor villages) (total size of 63MW). Not installed on the village level 300 villages, each village to build 210kW distributed photovoltaic power generation system, to help the implementation of the village in the village within a period of 20 to 25 years to achieve an average annual income of nearly $200 thousand. For the convenience of construction and maintenance management, household power station and power station adopts centralized village collective construction construction way.

Fund raising

According to the national industry, the provisions of the relevant documents, the fixed costs, tariff standard preliminary estimates, 7.5 yuan in accordance with the /W standard, the funds required by the provincial, city and county to arrange subsidies household and village power plant construction, poor households and village collective self in part by government organizations and other solutions also pass through loan.

Implementation steps

(a) propaganda diagnostic stage (January 20, 2017 and February 15)
County Leading Group of poverty alleviation and development lead organization planning, township held responsible for meeting arrangement investigation work. The township and village established corresponding organizations, held a mobilization meeting, extensive publicity industry policy, industry characteristics, clear responsibilities and tasks, organize personnel to carry out thorough investigation.
(two) reporting and verification phase (February 16, 2017 - February 28th)
1 Township declaration. Township Village House investigation, according to the actual situation, through publicity and audit checks, according to the demand scale, determine the focus on the construction of power plant siting plots (in principle, each of not less than 30 acres), the county poverty Alleviation Office of the leading group for photovoltaic. Do not provide site selection, can be considered as a waiver of photovoltaic projects.
2 county level verification. The county photovoltaic poverty alleviation project construction leading group office of personnel, in-depth Township township to declare on power plant siting and task implementation, control the relevant conditions for review, determine the implementation of the final object and the scale of construction, to determine the precise poverty alleviation projects set in photovoltaic installation site.
(three) equipment installation, commissioning, grid connected power generation (-6, March 1, 2017,)
By the enterprise responsible for the installation, debugging and the implementation of the rural village and household power station daily management. County power supply company and project implementation unit (county Jin Yuan Investment Development Company Limited, referred to as "Jin Yuan") signed a contract for power generation, measurement meter installation, according to the relevant provisions of national grid, to ensure the completion of the annual project construction tasks in June 30, 2017.
(four) the evaluation and acceptance stage (before the end of June 2017)
According to the project schedule and evaluation of grid power balance, an acceptance of one, the work of county poverty alleviation work leading group office of photovoltaic lead organization supervision, auditing, finance, electricity, engineering supervision units to conduct a comprehensive assessment of photovoltaic poverty alleviation project acceptance, and check the project acceptance, technology acceptance and acceptance report overall project evaluation the situation.

Transportation and benefits

(1) operation management. Photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects meet the qualifications, selection has social responsibility of photovoltaic power generation equipment suppliers and the construction of enterprise organization through public tender service provided by the construction enterprise basic training and manuals, establish after-sales service outlets and suppliers of construction enterprises, to provide equipment maintenance (20 year warranty period, non-human damage by the construction enterprises, maintenance free). 20 years later, to explore the establishment of a professional company responsible for the daily maintenance of the facility or the establishment of industrial poverty alleviation to the photovoltaic power generation project property insurance system.
(two) income settlement. The county power supply company according to the national, provincial and municipal photovoltaic subsidies, according to the settlement period (a quarter) to pay the full online quantity funds to Jin Yuan company. Jin Yuan deduction of the project through the construction of land leasing and bank loans through the principal, the remaining funds all into the township or county poverty alleviation department to provide poverty (Village) households account, the first quarter of a 


(1) strengthening organizational leadership. Set up a leading group for the construction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, responsible for the organization and leadership of photovoltaic power generation projects. Under the leadership of the office, the office is located in the county development and Reform Commission, responsible for the selection of poor villages and poor households, the development of the annual plan, lead the organization to implement the project and the work of the leading group office. The township (street) to establish appropriate organizations, strengthen leadership, co-ordination, implementation of the project and promote the work.
(two) clear division of responsibilities. County Development and Reform Commission, Poverty Alleviation Office responsible for propaganda, selection of poor villages and poor households, photovoltaic power generation and distribution, the index for the preparation of photovoltaic poverty alleviation implementation plan, draft annual plan, lead the project implementation; county finance department is responsible for funding and supervision; county financial management department is responsible for coordinating financial institutions to support the photovoltaic power supply enterprises to county poverty alleviation; pay close attention to the implementation of the upgrading of rural power grids, to meet the photovoltaic electricity demand, and is responsible for the installation, commissioning and electric power generation, the timely payment of grid electricity subsidies. County Supervision Department is responsible for supervision and supervision; County Supervision Bureau responsible for effectiveness evaluation of project implementation of township; the township government organization township (town), village cadres, village poverty alleviation work team to implement the project, construction coordination, project implementation process problems, with the coordination of inspection and acceptance etc..
(three) strengthen the examination and evaluation. The construction of photovoltaic poverty alleviation project as a poverty alleviation and development work in 2017 to promote the industry and the whole village to promote the important content of the project, into the township and county units in poverty alleviation and development work in 2017 the contents of the evaluation. Where a township declaration conforms to the construction land, the township site measurement, leasing, completed in 15 working days (clear, young trees, clearing houses and waste Foundation), directly linked to the site commissioning and wrecker, township secretary and mayor of the year-end assessment. Each township Secretary for the construction of the first coordination of photovoltaic, and assign a fixed personnel docking photovoltaic construction. Poverty alleviation and development leading group of the inspection team, the progress of the construction of villages and towns to conduct periodic inspections, while the venue level, the progress of the use of delayed delivery of the township to the county bulletin. The township should grasp the policy, scientific arrangements, meticulous organization, to promote the implementation, the precise poverty, Huimin income practical reality, a good thing. Helping agatanoatae units should immediately organize relevant personnel, in accordance with the county government annual poverty alleviation work requirements, villages and households, villages and towns to promote the implementation of the project support.

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